Important Resources for Elements Epic Heroes

Hello all, today I will share all the important videos and related resources that can be beneficial for you in this game. This game “Elements epic heroes” is a great action game but too hard for some of the players. To solve the problem, i have collected some of the best links related to this game.


GDC 2014: Elements: Epic Heroes by Gamevil:

Uploaded by game central when they met the game developers at their base. Really amazing video and covers the basics and a great trailer of this game.

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Elements Epic Heroes from Gamevil Trailer

This one is the official trailer of the game covering 1:26 minutes. In these 1 and a half minute, they show case the core features of the game.


Elements Epic Hero from Gamevil Gameplay

This is a real gameplay video of this game uploaded by 148apps. Also contains some hidden tricks 🙂